How installers are growing their businesses using Monta

When installers like you start working with Monta in your clients’ charge points, great opportunities open up. Monta’s charge point management system gives you the chance to offer your clients more than just the hardware, and through service agreements and personalised solutions you can become a recurring worker in their lives like gardeners and pool maintenance companies. With Monta, you can start providing more services and resources to for your customers – growing your business with Monta.

1. Keep track of your client’s charge point performance

Many EV charge points at a parking lot

Keep track of all of your clients and their charge points in one place with Monta. With our system, you can offer clients to periodically check how their charge points are performing, who is using them, how much money they are making out of them and more. For companies, hotels, restaurants and even some private charge point owners, receiving this information can be essential. You’ll be ready to provide all they’ll need with Monta.

2. Charge for subscriptions directly through our platform

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Regularly charge your clients for subscription services such as maintenance schedules, charge point management and other service agreements directly through Monta. You will be able to expand the range of services you can offer without having to deal with the logistics of how to make it happen. You can focus on what you do best and we’ll handle the rest.

3. Win commercial clients with a great payment solution

Man waiting by his car while it charges

Many potential clients will be looking for the best payment solution for their commercial charge points – give them what they want by setting up Monta in their stations. Monta’s payment solution is flexible, and works with end to end transactions for charge point owners. Charge points with our software can accept Apple and Google Pay, as well as credit and debit cards and there is even an option to get a Monta card to use at public stations. All of your client’s customers will find it easy and straightforward to pay for a charge.

4. Attract large clients with personalized solutions

Big parking lot full of vehicles

Be ready to cater to shopping malls, parking lots, supermarkets and more by providing the perfect solution for THEM. Do they wish to see if they’re getting closer to their environmental goals? You check it with Monta. Do they want to know how much money they’re making out of their charge points? You can track that with Monta. Do they want to know what the best location will be for their next charge points according to the current performance? You can see that with Monta. Give them all the answers they want and more via our web portal.

5. Lead your customers through the EV world

Man plugging in an EV to charge

Some of your private customers will contact you when they get their first electric vehicle, but the journey ahead can be daunting. As an installer, you can guide your clients through the Monta portal, the opportunities they have access to with the software and walk them through all of their new possibilities. By providing help with the EV charging world and processes, you can provide a new and necessary service to your customers.

For more information on how Monta can help you grow your charge point installer business, get in touch with our representatives here.

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