From Installer to Charge Point Operator – before and after

By using Monta’s software on your client’s charge points, you can easily grow from installer to charge point operator. By working with our solution, you can expand your professional opportunities in only a few clicks – the options in the electric vehicle charging market expected to be worth £308 Billion by 2028 will be abundant. Offer more services, attract bigger customers with personalised solutions and build on your skillset with Monta.

The fundamental difference when working with Monta is how you can more than double the amount of services you offer without adding much work to your day to day. The more helpful and tailored services you offer, the bigger clients with a substantial amount of charge points and needs you will attract.

Here’s a simple before and after of your business once you start working with Monta:

EV charge point refilling a car

Installer working with Monta:

  1. Set up change points for small and large clients
  2. Offer charge point maintenance as a recurrent service
  3. Monitor and service charge points from your computer
  4. Give clients a chance to add their charge points to Monta’s network
  5. Initiate smart charging in private users’ charge points
  6. Find potential clients through our lead generator
Car parking lot

Charge Point Operator working with Monta:

Everything an installer can do plus:


7. Manage your clients charge points with Monta

8. Charge for service agreements directly through the app

9. Track payments, efficiency and usage for charge points you manage

10. Set up customized service agreements for your clients and charge them through the app

11. Give more attractive, full services to big clients that need the expertise 

12. Provide your clients with the best payment system for their charge point customers to pay conveniently in the moment

13. Set up load balancing for offices, hotels, etc. with Monta’s feature

EV plugged into a charger

What does this mean for your business

This list of charge point operators’ services and tasks is comprehensive already but not complete. There are as many chances out there as clients and CPOs who look for different opportunities in innovative ways. 

Just because of the simple fact that you will be able to offer more services and subscriptions, as well as manage more clients at the same time easily via our web portal, your business will become sticky and needed by clients regularly. Your business’ relationship with clients will grow and therefore so will revenue, and more clients, especially those big players in the industry, will seek you out for a more complete service.


By utilizing Monta in your clients’ change points, you can grow your business from just an installer to a charge point operator. You will settle down as an important player in the EV charging world and for your current and future clients as well.

For more information on how Monta can help you grow your business from charge point operator to installer, get in touch with our representatives here.

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