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Media Kit & Partner Information

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Hi! We’ve gathered some Monta material to help you use our brand the best way possible without having to think about trademark or legal agreements.

If you’re a Monta partner, we have guides and learning material further down.

If you feel like something is missing or have a special request, feel free to reach out at at any time.

Product screenshots

Need something nice to visualize what Monta can do? Look no further. We’ve gathered a handful of the latest app screenshots including feature illustrations, app posibilities and much more!

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Official Branding

Monta logos, taglines, and everything else related to our official branding material. If you’re looking for brand guidelines, please reach out to us and we’ll send it your way.

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Leadership photos

High-resolution photos of our founding fathers and other team members across the organisation. We’ve also included a few nice shots of our office here in central Copenhagen.

Partner material

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We want to provide our installers, operators and all partners with best-in-class material to sell and install EV charging stations. Below you’ll find guides on how to set up charge points correctly with Monta

Easee black ev charger, transparent background

Easee charge point

How to install Easee charge point.

Zaptec pro, black charge unit for EVs, transparent background

Zaptec charge point

How to install Zaptec charge point.

EV charge point Wallbox plus - black with green light


How to install Wallbox charge point.

EVbox charge point, white on transparent background


How to install EVBox charge point.

ABB white EV charger, transparent background

ABB charge point

How to install ABB  charge point.

Halo glow EV charge point with transparent background

Charge Amps charge point

How to install Charge Amps charge point.

Note! These guidelines are for authorized installers only.

Marketing material

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The Monta marketing material includes flyers and PDFs explaining our product in-depths for those who really want to understand the full power of the Monta software

Brochure of Monta - how to get more out of your electric vehicle charging box

Car dealerships

Ready-made brochure for car dealerships ready to be printet or read digitally.