Best-practice from the Nordics: Learn how to grow your EV charging business

It’s been more than a decade since the Nordic countries have proclaimed themselves as leaders in the electric vehicle revolution. Norway has the highest percentage of EVs on their roads, 50% of their vehicles are electric, and Sweden owns more than 20% of Nordic EVs. Together with Denmark, Iceland and Finland, the Nordic region makes up the third largest EV market behind China and the U.S. Because of the EV market’s early growth in the region, Nordic installers have figured out a thing or two about how to best cater to their clients’ needs while growing their own businesses as well.

Here’s what they shared:

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1. Offer subscription services to big clients

Businesses, parking lots, housing associations and other large clients are looking for safety for their charge points. They want to know that if anything stops working, they have someone at their disposal to fix it. That is why some companies offering installation services give these large clients a subscription service for maintenance and support. Customers will pay for the safety net that professional installers can offer them.

  • Only installers and electricians can fix charge point hardware
  • Charge points reareæy break down
  • Many systems checks can be done online
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2. Organizations will pay for your knowledge and expertise

Private EV drivers are more willing to sit down and do research, but organizations don’t have the knowledge or resources to look into EV charging nuances. So, they are willing to pay YOU for YOUR knowledge in electric vehicles, charging, charge points, etc. when they install multiple charge points. Here’s your opportunity as an installer to be a recurrent contact for large organisations. They are ready and prepared to pay a fair price for the knowledge you provide and your help at their disposal.

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3. Find opportunities for service agreements in your country

For example, in Denmark the government offers a tax return on electricity used for EV charging as an incentive for people to buy EVs. Danish installers have been successfully offering service agreements for private clients, processing their tax returns. Many of these installers have grown their business both in size and resources, and become charge point operators through these agreements. As most nations across Europe and the rest of the world start pushing the public to make the switch to electric vehicles, there will be a series of incentives unique to each country – take advantage of these and offer services based on them.

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4. It’s better to work with a management system

Although private drivers want to just be able to comfortably charge at home, with a management software like Monta you can very quickly stand out from competitors by giving them many more opportunities and benefits. Offer them more value than just hardware, such as:

  • Access to public charging
  • Insight into kWh pricing
  • Opportunities to make money out of their chargers
  • Usage of renewable energy, etc.

Installers in the Nordics have built and grown their EV  businesses with savviness and intelligence. As electric vehicles grow in popularity throughout Europe and the world, installers like yourself will have a chance to do the same – learn from others and succeed.

For more information on how Monta can help you grow your business from charge point operator to installer, get in touch with our representatives here.

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